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As a professional working in facial aesthetics membership of IAAFA could offer you many benefits. Including access to an elite advisory panel of members and affiliations with organisations and companies providing information, representation and excellent discounts on equipment, materials and subscription rates.

IAAFA is a new, non-profit organisation dedicated to professionals from all walks of life, whether you’re a Cosmetic Dentist, Cosmetic Dermatologist, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, Plastic Surgeon or a doctor with an interest in cosmetic or restorative surgery. Our aim is to bring these different disciplines together, strengthening the profession as a whole by offering guidance and training in facial aesthetics and to facilitate a shared culture of treatment excellence and enhanced patient care. We also hope that our work will raise awareness of facial aesthetics in the public arena.

We will only achieve these aims with a dynamic, thriving, forward-thinking membership however. So if you’d like to get involved in integrating our shared skills and knowledge in order to take facial aesthetics into the future please contact us today or complete the online membership form.

Upon joining all members will receive from IAAFA their welcome pack, which includes a pin badge and full IAAFA Certificate, which will be required upon request of particular benefits.

We’re also here to help professionals expand their knowledge through training and education as well as to provide a forum for colleagues to share experiences and exchange views.

In essence, the young, dynamic world of facial aesthetics is about transforming lives, giving patients ever-greater choice and control over the way they look and feel about themselves – physically and emotionally.

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