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With more and more people embracing the benefits of facial aesthetics, it’s certainly an exciting time for professionals involved in this growing sector. The rise of the ‘medical spa’, offering treatments ranging from cosmetic surgery to cosmetic dentistry and non-surgical procedures such as Botox and Dermal Fillers, has opened doors for many surgical and non-surgical experts. Including cosmetic dentists, cosmetic dermatologists, aesthetic nurse practitioners, plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors.

The role of IAAFA is to bring colleagues together, enabling us to integrate the diverse wealth of knowledge present within this ever-evolving field, in order to enhance and regulate patient care.

As a non-profit organization we’re dedicated to supporting the work of practitioners in facial aesthetics and can offer members a range of highly tangible benefits. Inspired by an exceptional panel of advisory members representing every branch of the profession and IAAFA’s close links with leading organisations and companies working in facial aesthetics.

At the heart of patient wellbeing The mark of excellence A united voice
At the heart of patient wellbeing The mark of excellence A united voice
IAAFA is here to raise public understanding of facial aesthetics, providing patients or those considering treatment with the information and reassurance they need to make an informed choice.

As a member of IAAFA your patients will be able to see at a glance that you are dedicated to delivering exemplary treatments and care. Giving your reputation an internationally recognised ‘seal of approval’.

With new treatments constantly being developed, IAAFA provides a single point of reference for both practitioners and patients, encouraging a united culture of best practice; innovation and putting patient care first.

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