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The rise of the 'medical spa' offering treatments ranging from cosmetic surgery to cosmetic dentistry and non-surgical procedures has opened doors for many surgical and non-surgical experts. This includes cosmetic dentists, cosmetic dermatologists, aesthetic nurse practitioners, plastic surgeons and cosmetic doctors.

Led by Professor Bob Khanna, IAAFA was set up in 2001 as a non-profit organisation. The role of IAAFA is to bring colleagues together, enabling us to integrate the diverse wealth of knowledge present within this ever-evolving field, in order to enhance and regulate patient care. 


Our mission is to develop, celebrate, promote, enhance and grow the unique sector of which we’re all a part of.  First and foremost we are a dynamic organisation committed to ‘living and breathing’ our mission – through our members and our affiliate partners. We would therefore welcome your views and suggestions.


  • To integrate and unite the specialist skills and unique experiences of all dental and medical professionals working in the world of facial aesthetics.​

  • To promote and aid enhanced public awareness of the various fields of facial aesthetic medicine.​

  • To give support and up-to-date guidance to members from the Health Care Commission on all aspects of facial aesthetics – regulating correct clinical practice across individual disciplines.

  • To provide an interactive, supportive learning forum encompassing the many facets of facial aesthetic medicine via inter-disciplinary teaching from experts based in both the UK and internationally. Spearheaded by IAAFA’s flagship Annual Conference.

  • ​To provide information and guidance on appropriate and recognised training courses in facial aesthetics, from cosmetic dentistry through to surgical and non surgical procedures.

  • To provide a global approach to facial aesthetic business management by being able to offer members carefully selected discounts from our supporting companies. 

  • ​To promote and aid concomitant networking opportunities for members and facilitate member referrals.

  • To continue to give back to the community through our Annual Charity Ball and Aesthetic Awards, celebrating successful clinicians in the facial aesthetic industry, whilst raising money for worthwhile UK causes.

To date, IAAFA has raised


for UK Charities through the Annual Charity Ball

  "As a non-profit organization, we’re dedicated to supporting the safe practice of clinicians in facial aesthetics and offer members a range of highly tangible benefits. We work with an exceptional panel of advisory members representing every branch of the profession, and have close links with leading organisations and companies trying to regulate the safe practice of Facial Aesthetics." 

Professor Bob Khanna
President of IAAFA

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