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Every year, we hold our annual IAAFA Aesthetic Awards Ceremony, to showcase the very best in the Facial Aesthetics industry. Professor Khanna wanted to give something back to the many practitioners who are not only talented, but also doing their very best in promoting patient safety and public confidence.


There are 7 categories that you are able to enter, so whether you are an experienced practitioner or have recently stepped into the world of Aesthetics, we have a category to suit everyone!

Entries close Saturday 30th September 2023

Award Categories

  • Best Newcomer

  • Best Lip Sculpting

  • Best Mid-Face Rejuvenation

  • Best Profile Enhancement

  • Best Full Face Sculpting

  • Best Challenging "Botox" Case

  • Best Patient Journey

Why enter the IAAFA Awards?

Judging is based on
clinical skills 

We can all write about what makes us the best practitioner or why we should win, but unlike other awards ceremonies in the industry, the IAAFA Awards are judged based on your clinical cases. Awarding the clinician that submits the best clinical case is the fairest way to determine the winner of each category. 

Anonymous Judging

The IAAFA Awards are judged completely anonymously, so you can rest assured there is no bias. Submitted entries are completely anonymised before they are sent to our judges, and none of the judges know who the actual winner is until the night of the ceremony. 

Expert Judges

The judges, selected each year by Prof Khanna, are highly-respected clinicians within the industry and have been chosen based on their excellent attention-to-detail and clinical skills. They will be able to make a sound judgement based on the patient's history & journey, techniques used and results produced. 

Recognition and achievement

Winning an award is much more than just a trophy and applause. It's a sign of your hard work and talent and gives you the recognition you deserve with a life-long accolade.

Build your confidence

Winning an IAAFA award is not only a life-long accolade, it's a reminder to yourself of your extraordinary talent and skill amongst thousands of practitioners in a competitive industry.

Reinforce your reputation

Winning or even just being shortlisted for an award is a strong indicator of your trustworthiness and expertise. For existing patients, it validates their choice of being with you, and new patients will want to visit a practice that wins awards. 

Celebrate your success

Winning an award is great excuse to celebrate. Our Charity Ball tickets include unlimited drinks all night, so you can rest assured you will be ready to party once your name is announced! 

Support recruitment

Who wouldn't want to join an award winning practice? Sometimes, recruitment can be difficult. Having this extra endorsement is going to be attractive to potential new recruits. 

"Award Winning Practitioner" 

Being able to call yourself an Award Winning practitioner is a sign of quality  and great way to differentiate yourself from other practices. 

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Winners and highly commended entries will be announced at the IAAFA 2023 Charity Ball

Need to book your tickets? 

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