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Applying for the awards is simple with our online application form!

Simply click the category below that you'd like to apply for and begin the application process.

Please ensure you read the "things to note before entering" below.

Applications are now closed

Things to note before entering... 

The application form is an online form and there are 3 sections within the form:


1) Your personal information

2) Details from your case study

3) Before and after photographs


Please ensure you have filled out the necessary information correctly before submitting. Application forms can be saved and returned to at a later date but please note that incomplete submissions are automatically deleted after a 3 month period. You will also need to create a log-in to save your incomplete application forms. 

• Entries close at midnight on Saturday 30th September 2023. 

• You must hold a valid 2023 Conference ticket for your application to be considered. IAAFA Members can attend the conference for free but must register their place. For more information, contact us at

• You are able to enter as many categories as you like (1 entry per category only), however you are only able to use the same case study twice, so please think carefully about which categorie(s) you place certain cases. Please see examples below for clarification.



You have 1 case study that you want to enter into 2 categories 

You have 1 case study that you want to enter into 3 categories 𝙭

You have 2 case studies that you want to enter into 2 separate categories

You have 2 case studies that you want to enter into 1 category 𝙭

IAAFA will accept first submissions if multiple submissions have been entered into the same category.


Please ensure that you have filled out separate online application forms for the relevant categories.

Entry Categories

Best Newcomer

This award is for all aesthetic clinicians who have no more than 2 years worth of experience. Submit your best case, which could be any combination of non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

Best Lip Sculpting

This award will commend clinicians who have demonstrated a significant but natural transformation for their patients, from a three dimensional perspective.

Best Mid-Face Rejuvenation

This award will commend clinicians for aesthetic improvement of the entire mid-face i.e Tear Trough & Cheeks.

Best Profile Enhancement

This award will commend clinicians for aesthetic improvement to the full profile of the patient. Considerations must be made to the upper, mid and lower facial regions.

Best Full Face Sculpting

This award will commend clinicians for harmonious use of at least two types of non surgical treatments modalities. e.g. BTX, Dermal Fillers, PRP, Threads, Laser or Chemical peels.

Best Challenging
"Botox" Case

This award is to commend clinicians for their most challenging case using Botulinum toxin, Such as a challenging asymmetry, brow lift, facial slimming or gummy smile.


Best Patient Journey

This award is to recognise the impact that facial aesthetics can have to our patients' lives. What we are looking for, is the most inspiring patient journey having had such treatment.


Thank you for entering and good luck!

Winners and highly commended entries will be announced at the IAAFA 2023 Charity Ball

Need to book your tickets? 

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