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The Treatments That All Practitioners Should Know About in 2022

Expand your treatment portfolio with the latest non-surgical advances for the treatment of Skin, Hair and Fat.

With non-surgical procedures dominating the cosmetic industry, coupled with the dreaded zoom-calls that have had us staring at our own faces all day long for 2 years, we have seen an increase in demand for new and effective aesthetic treatments. Expanding your treatment portfolio is becoming essential for maintaining a successful aesthetic business in this ever-changing world of treatments.

As practitioners, it’s up to us to ensure that our patients are aware of all of their treatment options and that we are able to offer these in a safe manner. A study by GlobalWebIndex investigating the overlap between the wellness and beauty industries showed that 42% of the UK and USA population would like to see more options for weight loss, clearer skin and strong hair and nails etc. These are the treatments that all practitioners should know about in 2022 in order to maintain and grow their aesthetic business...

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